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Good practices for Ga-68 radiopharmaceutical production: an important correction

To the editor

The review titled “Good practices for 68Ga radiopharmaceutical production” by Nelson et al. (2022) and published in the latest issue of your journal contains important information about 68Ga radiopharmaceuticals. However, sentence of the “These 68Ga radiopharmaceuticals include agents such as [68Ga]Ga-macroaggregated albumin for myocardial perfusion evaluation…” contradicts basic nuclear medicine knowledges.

68Ga-macroaggregated albumin is stated to be a potential radiopharmaceutical in lung perfusion studies in preclinical and clinical studies (Gültekin et al. 2020; Ament et al. 2013). 68Ga-macroaggregated albumin is not used in myocardial perfusion studies. I think that this error maybe caused by inattention of the author and in the review processes, and I would like to point out that it would be useful to correct it.

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