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Correction to: Advances in the automated synthesis of 6-[18F]Fluoro-L-DOPA

The Original Article was published on 10 March 2021

Correction to: EJNMMI Radiopharm Chem 6, 11 (2021)

Following publication of the original article (Neves et al. 2021), some errors were identified in the article text:

-Page 3, Fig. 2, where it reads 1 it should read 5 and 18F should be at position 5 of the aromatic ring.

-Page 6, where it reads “MA > 96%”, it should read “Am > 37GBq/μmol

-Page 7, where it reads “D- enantiomer of 2%” it should read “D- enantiomer of 4%”

-Page 8, where it reads “using a cPTC” it should read: “using different catalysts”.

-In page 8, Fig. 7, caption, where it reads “Chiral phase transfer catalysts (cPTC),”, it should read “Catalysts.

-Pages 8–9, where it reads “6-[18F]fluoro-3,4-dimethoxybenzyl bromide” and “Sep-PakC18-Plus reactor.”, it should read “6-[18F]fluoro-3,4-dimethoxybenzaldehyde” and “Sep-PakC18-Plus”, respectively.

-Page 9, Fig. 8, where it reads “22 or 23”, it should read “23 or 24” and, number 24 under the structure, should be disregarded.

-Page 9, where it reads “Krasikova also prepared nitropiperonal 12 (Krasikova et al., 2004), using a combination of cPTC, 22.” it should read “Krasikova also prepared 6-[18F]FDOPA (Krasikova et al., 2004), using a combination of 22.

-Page 10, caption of Table 2, where it reads “using cPTC as alkylation agent.” it should read “using different catalysts.”

-Page 10, Table 2, line 1, where it reads “PTC”, should read “catalyst”.

-Page 12, Table 3, entry 3, where it reads “31 ± 3”, it should read “31 ± 3*”, and where it reads “n.d. not described”, it should read “n.d. not described. *RCY for protected 6-[18F]FDOPA”.

-Page 13, where it reads, “6-[18F]FDOPA with 31 ± 3% RCY” it should read “the protected 6-[18F]FDOPA with 31 ± 3% RCY”.

-Page 14, where it reads “described in section 2.2.”, it should read “described previously”.

-Page 15, Fig. 14 where it reads “13, 14, 22 or 23”, it should read “14, 15, 23 or 24” and number 24 under the structure should be disregarded.

-Page 15, where it reads “MA 129500 Gbq/μmol”, it should read “Am 129,5 GBq/μmol”.

-Page 15, Fig. 15, where it reads “31, 32 and 33”, it should be read “37, 38 and 39”.

-Page 16, where it reads “nitroveratraldeyde 12”, it should read nitroveratraldeyde 11″ and, where it reads “precursor 31” it should read precursor 37″.

-There are multiple occurrences of [18F]. They should read [18F].

- MA is used throughout for Molar Activity. It should be Am.

-The following reference is missing: Mossine A V., Tanzey SS, Brooks AF, Makaravage KJ, Ichiishi N, Miller JM, et al. One-pot synthesis of high molar activity 6-[18F]fluoro-l-DOPA by Cu-mediated fluorination of a BPin precursor. Org Biomol Chem. 2019;17(38):8701–5.

The original article (Neves et al. 2021) has been corrected.


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