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Fig. 2

From: Striatal phosphodiesterase 10A availability is altered secondary to chronic changes in dopamine neurotransmission

Fig. 2

[18F]JNJ42259152 BPND values after a 5-days amphetamine treatment. Left: Transversal images of PDE10A binding in brain. Images are overlaid on a VOI map and presented as averaged, parametric BPND images (Logan Reference) at baseline conditions (a), at day 5 (b) and day 15 (c) of the experiment. Right: Averaged (d) and individual (e) BPND values in striatum of amphetamine treated rats at baseline conditions, after 5 days of amphetamine treatment (day 5) and after 10 days of washout (day 15). Each line represents a repeated measurement in a single rat at different stages of treatment. Averaged data are presented as mean ± SD. Wilcoxon matched pair test; *p < 0.05

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