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Fig. 1

From: New protein deposition tracers in the pipeline

Fig. 1

Schematic summary of key proteins present in frontotemporal lobar degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, diffuse Lewy body disease and Parkinson disease. Protein monomers and their distribution for different clinical phenotypes are illustrated with symbolic drawings. Exemplary histopathology images are presented for TDP-43 inclusion, neurofibrillary tau tangles (immunohistochemistry with antibody AT8), amyloid-beta deposition (immunohistochemistry with monoclonal 6E10 Aβ antibody), and α-synuclein Lewy body inclusions (Images of TDP-43 inclusions, tau tangles, and Aβ deposits courtesy of Walter Schulz-Schaeffer, Goettingen, Germany)

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