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Table 6 Overview of dose recommendations and other advice for diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals

From: Safe use of radiopharmaceuticals in patients with chronic kidney disease: a systematic review

Radiopharmaceutical Stage of kidney failure (CKD) Dose recommendation Other advice
[18F]fludeoxyglucose 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 No adjustment in dose or protocol is needed (Akers et al. 2016; Kode et al. 2017) No adjustment in image time (Akers et al. 2016; Kode et al. 2017)
   Dose adjustment should be based on the optimized radiation dose (Laffon et al. 2008) The more severe the kidney failure, the later the imaging should be, without necessarily beginning the acquisition beyond 160 min after injection (Laffon et al. 2008)
   ND No large impact on assessment of scan (Minamimoto et al. 2007)
  5 ND The effect of elevated FDG uptake in the background organs or blood pool may influence interpretation of the image in patients with CKD on haemodialysis (Toriihara et al. 2015)
  1. CKD, chronic kidney diseases; FDG, [18F]fludeoxyglucose; ND, ‘not determined’