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Table 1 Search strategies employed for PubMed and Embase

From: Safe use of radiopharmaceuticals in patients with chronic kidney disease: a systematic review

Database Search string
PubMed (((((Radiopharmaceuticals(MeSH) OR radiopharmaceutical*(tiab) OR radioactive drug*(tiab) OR radioiodine(tiab)))) AND ((Kidney Diseases(MeSH) OR kidney disease*(tiab) OR Renal Insufficiency(MeSH) OR renal insufficien*(tiab) OR renal impairment(tiab) OR Glomerular Filtration Rate(Mesh) OR glomerular filtration rate*(tiab) OR eGFR(tiab) OR Metabolic Clearance Rate(MeSH) OR renal clearance(tiab)))) NOT ("Animals"(Mesh) NOT "Humans"(Mesh))) AND English(Language)
Embase ('radiopharmaceutical agent'/exp OR 'radiopharmaceutical agent':ti,ab) AND ('kidney disease'/exp OR 'kidney disease':ti,ab OR 'kidney failure'/exp OR 'kidney failure':ti,ab OR 'renal impairment':ti,ab OR 'glomerulus filtration rate'/exp OR 'glomerular filtration rate':ti,ab OR 'estimated glomerular filtration rate':ti,ab OR 'metabolic clearance'/exp OR 'renal clearance':ti,ab) NOT ('animal'/exp NOT 'human'/exp) AND (english)/lim AND (embase)/lim NOT ((embase)/lim AND (medline)/lim)