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Table 4 Clinical PET studies using

From: The aluminium-[18F]fluoride revolution: simple radiochemistry with a big impact for radiolabelled biomolecules

Radioconjugate and Year Study No
Outcome References
[18F]AlF-PSMA-BCH (2019) Newly diagnosed prostate cancer (PCa) 11 Tumours identified Liu et al. (2019)
[18F]AlF-PSMA-11 (2019) Dosimetry and biodistribution in PCa 6 Radioconjugate can be safely administered with a mean effective dose of 12.8 ± 0.6 µSv/MBq, similar to [18F]DCFPyL Piron et al. (2019)
[18F]AlF-PSMA-11 (2020) Optimisation of PET protocols for PCa 44 2.0 ± 0.2 MBq/kg identified as the preferred dose. Diuretic can be useful for lesions in proximity to the ureters Piron et al. (2020b)