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Table 1 IC50 data of SiFA-tagged undecapeptides (4 and 5), peptides without C-terminal bulky substituents (6, 7 and 8), SiFA-tagged chimeras of 1 and GLP-1 (9 to 13) as well as the C-terminal pentadecapeptide of GLP-1 (14) developed for targeting the GLP-1 receptor. IC50 values of reference ligands 1, GLP-1 (2), [Nle14, Tyr40]exendin-4 (3) and [Nle14, Tyr(3-I)40]exendin-4 (Tyr(3-I)403) are depicted above

From: Small peptide-based GLP-1R ligands: an approach to reduce the kidney uptake of radiolabeled GLP-1R-targeting agents?

  1. SD standard deviation; assay conditions are indicated in brackets after the number of experiments
  2. a‘w/ BSA’ indicates supplementation with 1% BSA, whereas ‘w/o BSA’ indicates no supplementation with BSA