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Table 2 Comparison of FASTlab [68Ga]GaCl3 purification vs. recent literature

From: Cyclotron-based production of 68Ga, [68Ga]GaCl3, and [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-11 from a liquid target

Reference HNO3a [mmol] HCl [mmol] Organic solvents Base-mediated pH adjustment?
This work 2.4 16 No No
(Oehlke et al. 2015) 886 Yes (Methanol) No
(Alves et al. 2018) 265 Yes (HBr/acetone) No
(Pandey and DeGrado 2019) 0.25 38 Yes (Acetonitrile) Yes
  1. aDoes not account for HNO3 in the liquid target