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Fig. 4

From: Radiochemical and analytical aspects of inter-institutional quality control measurements on radiopharmaceuticals

Fig. 4

a-c Overview of 3 radiopharmaceuticals (a: [68Ga]Ga-Bombesin, b: [111In]In-CCK and c: [177Lu]Lu-PSMA) analyzed on 7 different ways. Dotted lines express 90% and 95% RCP limits. Red bars represent values below release criteria, orange bars values between 90 and 95%, green bars above 95%. Minimum peak height was dependent on nuclide (A: 7500 μV, B: 14000 μV, C: 8000 μV). Threshold was at 400 μV, except for condition A. Peak width was kept constant. For all smoothing conditions 11 points were taken into account, this was based on result shown in Fig. 2. RCP was also obtained at other institutes using same kit batches and SOP resulted in a RCP of 96.7%* ([68Ga]Ga-Bombesin) and 95.7% and 94.4%** ([111In]In-CCK) (for parameters see Table 4)

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