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Fig. 6

From: 47Sc as useful β-emitter for the radiotheragnostic paradigm: a comparative study of feasible production routes

Fig. 6

In vivo SPECT/CT scan of a tumor-bearing mouse 3 h after injection of 47Sc-DOTANOC (~12 MBq, ~1.2 nmol) (a). In vivo PET/CT scan of a tumor-bearing mouse 3 h after injection. 44Sc-DOTANOC (~10 MBq, ~1 nmol), image reproduced from Domnanich et al. 2016 (Domnanich et al. 2016) (b). The scan durations were 35 min and 20 min, respectively (Tu = AR42J tumor xenograft, Ki = kidney, Bl = urinary bladder)

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