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Table 2 Bone-to-blood ratios and calculated total activity in the skeleton in healthy Wistar rats, at 60 min p. i. of [68Ga]DOTAPAM, [68Ga]DOTAZOL, [68Ga]BPAPD and [18F]NaF

From: Bone targeting compounds for radiotherapy and imaging: *Me(III)-DOTA conjugates of bisphosphonic acid, pamidronic acid and zoledronic acid

compound %ID in skeleton (S.D.) bone to blood ratio
[68Ga]DOTAPAM 48.4 (4.7) 7.6
[68Ga]DOTAZOL 42.7 (5.2) 11.5
[68Ga]BPAPDa 38.3 (5.0) 3.7
[18F]NaFa 43.7 (1.9) 97.4
  1. Each value represents the mean for five animals
  2. aData taken from (Meckel et al. 2013)