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  1. Research

    Optimizing labelling conditions of 213Bi-DOTATATE for preclinical applications of peptide receptor targeted alpha therapy

    213Bismuth (213Bi, T1/2 = 45.6 min) is one of the most frequently used α-emitters in cancer research. High specific activity radioligands are required for peptide receptor radionuclide...

    Ho Sze Chan, Erik de Blois, Mark W. Konijnenberg, Alfred Morgenstern, Frank Bruchertseifer, Jeffrey P. Norenberg, Fred J. Verzijlbergen, Marion de Jong and Wouter A. P. Breeman

    EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry 2016 1:9

    Published on: 14 May 2016

  2. Research

    44Sc for labeling of DOTA- and NODAGA-functionalized peptides: preclinical in vitro and in vivo investigations

    Recently, 44Sc (T1/2 = 3.97 h, Eβ+ av = 632 keV, I = 94.3 %) has emerged as an attractive radiometal candidate for PET imaging using DOTA-functionalized biomolecules. The aim of this st...

    Katharina A. Domnanich, Cristina Müller, Renata Farkas, Raffaella M. Schmid, Bernard Ponsard, Roger Schibli, Andreas Türler and Nicholas P. van der Meulen

    EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry 2016 1:8

    Published on: 5 May 2016

  3. Research

    Improved GMP-compliant multi-dose production and quality control of 6-[18F]fluoro-L-DOPA

    6-[18F]Fluoro-L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (FDOPA) is a frequently used radiopharmaceutical for detecting neuroendocrine and brain tumors and for the differential diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. To meet the dem...

    G. Luurtsema, H. H. Boersma, M. Schepers, A. M. T. de Vries, B. Maas, R. Zijlma, E. F. J. de Vries and P. H. Elsinga

    EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry 2016 1:7

    Published on: 4 April 2016

  4. Letter to the Editor

    Alpha-PET with terbium-149: evidence and perspectives for radiotheragnostics

    149Tb represents a powerful alternative to currently used α-emitters: the relatively short half-life (T1/2 = 4.1 h), low α-energy (3.97 MeV, Iα = 16.7 %), absence of α-emitting daughters ...

    Cristina Müller, Christiaan Vermeulen, Ulli Köster, Karl Johnston, Andreas Türler, Roger Schibli and Nicholas P. van der Meulen

    EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry 2016 1:5

    Published on: 28 March 2016

  5. Research

    Striatal phosphodiesterase 10A availability is altered secondary to chronic changes in dopamine neurotransmission

    Phosphodiesterase 10A (PDE10A) is an important regulator of nigrostriatal dopamine (DA) neurotransmission. However, little is known on the effect of alterations in DA neurotransmission on PDE10A availability. ...

    Maarten Ooms, Sofie Celen, Ronald De Hoogt, Ilse Lenaerts, Johnny Liebregts, Greet Vanhoof, Xavier Langlois, Andrey Postnov, Michel Koole, Alfons Verbruggen, Koen Van Laere and Guy Bormans

    EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry 2016 1:3

    Published on: 21 March 2016

  6. Position paper

    Position paper on requirements for toxicological studies in the specific case of radiopharmaceuticals

    This is a position paper of the Radiopharmacy Committee of the EANM (European Association of Nuclear Medicine) addressing toxicology studies for application of new diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutica...

    J. Koziorowski, M. Behe, C. Decristoforo, J. Ballinger, P. Elsinga, V. Ferrari, P. Kolenc Peitl, S. Todde and T. L. Mindt

    EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry 2016 1:1

    Published on: 21 March 2016

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