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Table 3 General Synthesis Steps

From: Fully-automated synthesis of 177Lu labelled FAPI derivatives on the module modular lab-Eazy

Step Parameter
1 Pre-heating of reaction vial 80 °C (60 s.) (Fig. 3 c)
2 Transfer (Fig. 3 Red Line) Transfer of [177Lu] Lu (Fig. 3 a) to the reaction vial by elution with radiolabelling solution (Fig. 3 b).
3 Radiolabelling 95 °C (20 min.) (Fig. 3 c)
4 Cooling & Dilution (Fig. 3 Yellow Line) Transfer of saline (Fig. 3 d) to the reaction vial (Fig. 3 c).
5 Transfer, Purification, Sterile Filtration (Fig. 3 Green Line) Transfer of last product to the final vial (Fig. 3 e) by passing through Sep Pak CM cartridge and sterilization filter.